Certificates of Acceptance

A Certificates of Acceptance is required where building work was undertaken after 1 January 1993 without the required consents. Work completed prior to 1 January 1993 is likely to need a Safe & Sanitary Report – Click here for more information

Why Would I Need a Certificate of Acceptance?

The purpose of Certificates of Acceptance (COA), are to establish if the work completed complies with the current New Zealand building code.

Ensure the council has accurate records of the work completed on your property.

Eliminate potential issues prior to marketing your property.

Rest assured that the work undertaken complies with the Building Code.

What’s the Process of obtaining a Certificate of Acceptance?

We simplify the process of getting a Certificate of Acceptance.

Step 1
Talk about your situation and requirements.
Step 2
We will arrange access to the property via agent/owner.
Step 3
Site inspection occurs.
Step 4
Review findings and discuss any remedial work required.
Step 5
Drawings prepared and COA application lodged with the council on your behalf.
Step 6
Council review.

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