Frequently Asked Questions:


What’s the difference between a Builders Report and a Pre-Purchase Survey?

The detail in a Builders Report can be limited as a result of the builders experience, training and qualifications in building compliance and building law. A professional building surveyor will provide you with a wealth of knowledge that is backed up by relevant industry experience and formal qualifications.

What is Professional Indemnity Insurance?

A primary concern when considering using a builder, is to check if their insurance covers them for pre-purchase house inspections. A professional Pre-Purchase Survey is completed by an experienced and qualified inspector who takes full ownership of the recommendation through current professional indemnity insurance, should you ever need it.

Do you check electrical or plumbing work on properties?

Only a registered electrical can provide you with an electrical report. We will of course make you aware of anything we see as needing attention and can put you in touch with a reputable electrician should you choose to have this aspect of the building reviewed. We inspect and report on the plumbing and drainage that can be seen but are unable to physically test these systems. We will, however, give you our opinion as to whether we think you need these items checked more closely. 

How often should I get a Maintenance Report done?

For each Maintenance Report we aim to give you an idea of the maintenance that may be required over the coming 3 year period, we will also let you know the urgency of the work. With this in mind, consider getting regular maintenance reports every 5 - 6 years to ensure you prevent small issues developing into hard to tackle projects.