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Why would I need a Pre-Purchase Survey?

The purpose of a Pre-Purchase Survey it to provide you with clarity and confidence when purchasing a property.

Satisfy your Bank

Your lender may require a Pre-Purchase Survey to approve lending.

Satisfy your Insurance Company

Your Insurance company may require a Pre-Purchase Survey as a condition of providing cover.

Gain Peace of Mind

Make the process of buying less stressful by knowing the present condition of your investment before you buy.

What’s the Process of getting a Pre-Purchase Report?

We simplify the process of getting a Pre-Purchase Report.

Step 1
Talk about your situation and requirements.
Step 2
We will arrange access to the property via agent/owner.
Step 3
Site inspection occurs (including reviewing the construction of the site – from the front fence to outbuildings and foundations, including roof framing, exterior and insulation).
Step 4
Review council records for any non-permitted construction (if the information has been supplied by 3rd parties i.e. LIM).
Step 5
Written report provided (typically 25-35 pages long and includes photos).
Step 6
Report emailed to you within 48 hours (a signed hard copy of the report is also posted out to you).

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